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"Tysdal at his best creates a complex, multidimensional, and often contradictory layering of thought and feeling; this tremendously rich, inventive, and energetic book is a most auspicious debut." Malcolm Woodland, “Letters in Canada 2006: Poetry,” University of Toronto Quarterly​

Dear Adolf,


In the tension between bearing witness to atrocity, and profiting from remembrance, Daniel Scott Tysdal’s text and photographic work Dear Adolf, probes into the act of memorialization in the twenty-first century. Weaving thirty photographs taken in Saskatchewan in the summer of 2011 into startling bare prose, Dear Adolf, follows the reconstructed voice of Alma Forge, the heir to a twenty-first century Holocaust themed amusement park. As contact with history becomes increasingly removed, Dear Adolf, questions the cultural currency of trauma, and what it means to preserve history’s darkest moments in a post-millennium world.


The Writing Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating Poems


A hands-on and inspiring introduction to writing, revising, and sharing poems.​ This engaging primer offers numerous writing moments and exercises and covers a wide-range of tools, traditions, and topics, immersing students in everything from metahphors to titles, from Emily Dickinson to Internet comment threads. This book is the ideal companion for a poet just starting out or an experienced poet looking to venture down a new path. Learn more at Oxford University Press.

The Mourner's Book of Albums


Daniel Scott Tysdal follows up his first award-winning collection of poetry with The Mourner’s Book of Albums, an emotionally striking and formally ambitious exploration of the elegiac tradition and the twenty-first-century attitude to remembrance and grief.


"A vivid assembling of meanings where poetry and philosophy meet in a reconfiguration of fright, tenderness, language, and knowledge. With The Mourner's Book of Albums, Daniel Scott Tysdal brilliantly translates for us the constant displacement of truth, past and fiction, present and values." —Nicole Brossard

"Daniel Scott Tysdal is one of Canada's most original, dynamic, and talented writers."

Kenneth J. Harvey


"Daniel Scott Tysdal's words have torque; they turn the page inside out. [. . .] It's some of the most exhilarating, imaginative writing I've encountered: Tysdal's poetry is airborne." 

Anne Simpson

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